About Us

Tri-Teriyaki is a family owned and operated restaurant. CJ & Jung Lee opened up the business in February of 2002. The two have been married for 35 years and have three daughters—Vickie, Cindy and Elisa.

When CJ and Jung decided to start a restaurant, they had several goals in mind.  CJ had a desire to build a friendly and easy-going atmosphere in which he could engage with the customers. Jung wanted to create authentic savory cuisine true to her roots. 

When tasting Jung’s cooking, you can experience a pinch of spice and a whole lot of heart.  Jung cooks each dish with dedication and love.
It was a daily routine for their three daughters to come help out at the restaurant each day after school. Doing homework on one side of the cash register and serving customers on the other is how the three girls spent their adolescent years.  This was a special way to grow up for the girls.  They learned early on the meaningfulness of building relationships. 

Ten years later, “regulars” still come asking questions about the girls and embracing them when the girls are visiting.  There is no doubt that Tri-Teriyaki is a family matter.     


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